We are eScale

We’re a group of eCommerce store-growers passionate about building and growing online stores.

eScale is a division of Success Agency that’s devoted exclusively to building and growing successful eCommerce stores.

To give you a little context, Success Agency is a full-service digital marketing and web design agency that was founded in 2007. After eight years at Success Agency successfully building, maintaining and growing eCommerce websites, we decided to create a separate division (eScale) that would allow us to focus our efforts entirely on eCommerce. And so was born eScale.

What We Stand For

Remarkable Investor Experiences

We constantly aim to provide our investors (aka clients) with experiences that will make them go “wow”…and nothing less.

So how do we deliver remarkable investor experiences?
  1. Under promise and over deliver
    On the things they care about
  2. Communicate too early and too often
  3. Make it extremely easy for them
    Don’t make them think. Don’t force them to do something that we can do just as well.
  4. See it from their perspective
    Ask questions & listen. Identify what they really care about. Repeat their request as we understand it.
  5. Make them look and feel great
    Remove stress. Help them feel confident.
  6. Speak their language
    Communicate in ways they will understand easily.
  7. Be a trusted guide
    Not a vending machine

Remarkable Return
On Investment (ROI)

This helps us to remain hyper cognizant of where we are spending our time–and then seek areas for improvement.

Here’s what we do to make sure that we are actually delivering remarkable ROI day in and day out:
  1. Stay in the 20 of the 80/20
    And be on the lookout for opportunities to 10x
  2. Spend each minute as intentionally as we would our own money
  3. Set and pursue clear objectives
  4. Careful management of both input and output
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel each time
    Instead, improve upon it.
  6. Continually remove waste and get value to market
    Waste = anything that does not add value to the investor
  7. Make data-driven decisions
    In God we trust; all others bring data

Here’s how we’re able to deliver on
Remarkable Investor Experiences and Remarkable ROI

We all strive to be "servant leaders,” who won’t hesitate to jump in and assist another person on the team, even if the task doesn’t fall under our job description.
To us, complacency is a sin. One way that we make sure we are always growing is through Intentional Learning, where we each spend 10 hours a month learning something new that will help us to grow in our careers.
improving process
In order to make things more efficient and reduce as much waste as possible, we are always trying to come up with new ways to improve our processes. This helps us ensure that we’re able to deliver on the remarkables: remarkable investor experiences and remarkable ROI.

We Help Companies Make a Positive Impact

At eScale, we’re pretty choosy about who we work with. We only work with eCommerce businesses that are making a positive impact on society and with whom we see real potential to grow.

Things We Believe In

  • accountability
  • laughing
  • remote work
  • netflix
  • coffee/tea
  • growth
  • decreasing shopping cart abandonment
  • emojis
  • beautiful websites
  • travel
  • attention to detail
  • high-quality relationships
  • experimentation (and failure)
  • reading
  • google hangouts
  • results

Things We Don't Believe In

  • overworking
  • stagnation
  • micromanaging
  • mediocrity
  • bad attitudes
  • bad web design
  • sloppiness
  • overpriced airfare
  • unnecessary waste
  • poor communication
  • typos
  • low conversion rates
  • bad books
  • low roi
  • laziness
  • looking busy
  1. April 2007
    Success Agency is founded by our CEO and Team Lead, Avin Kline.
  2. May 2008
    We launch our first eCommerce website.
  3. March 2009
    Our first full-time employee joins Success Agency.
  4. June 2010
    WordPress 3.0 is released, making WordPress a viable Content Management System (CMS).
  5. September 2011
    WooCommerce is released.
  6. March 2015
    We begin referring to our clients as “investors” (because they are investing their resources in us just as they would any other investment...and calling them “investors” is a continual reminder of that).
  7. October 2018
    eScale is officially launched.
  8. Today
    We continue to grow...