About eScale

eScale is a division of Success Agency that’s devoted exclusively to building and growing successful eCommerce stores.

To give you a little context, Success Agency is a full-service digital marketing and web design agency that was founded in 2007. After eight years at Success Agency successfully building, maintaining and growing eCommerce websites, we decided to create a separate division (eScale) that would allow us to focus our efforts entirely on eCommerce.

In case you’re curious, here’s a brief overview of what our team is all about.

Our Core Values

Remarkable Investor Experiences

First and foremost, we are here to provide remarkable experiences for our investors.

“Investors” are the word that we use for “clients.” You see, internally, we refer to our clients as “investors” because that’s exactly how we see them. They are investing their resources in us just as they would any other investment, and calling them our “investors” is a continual reminder of that.

With that being said, we take our roles very seriously and constantly aim to provide our investors with experiences that will make them go “wow.” And nothing less.

So how do we deliver remarkable investor experiences?

For starters, we’re big believers in communication. Between the hours of 9 to 5 ET, we are fully responsive, which means that if we receive a message from one of our investors, we will  typically respond within the hour, and always by the end of the day. We also always try to be as clear as possible in our communication; we’ve found that unclear communication can result in unnecessary back and forth–and waste.

We’ve found that it’s the little things that count and make all the difference. It’s providing an investor with a link, so they don’t have to spend an extra 30 seconds searching for it. It’s adapting to their needs and working on the platform(s) that they are most comfortable with, instead of the one that we’re used to using. It’s providing them with a how-to video or helpful resource, even if they didn’t ask for it. It’s putting ourselves in the shoes of each investor that we’re working with and making things as easy as possible for them.

These are the Core 7s that we live by to provide remarkable investor experiences:

  1. Under promise & over-deliver (on the things they care about)
  2. Communicate too early and too often (rather than too late and too seldom)
  3. Make it extremely easy for them (Don’t make them think. Don’t force them to do something that we can do just as well.)
  4. See it from their perspective (Ask questions & listen. Identify what they really care about. Repeat their request as we understand it.)
  5. Make them look and feel great (Remove stress. Help them feel confident.)
  6. Speak their language (Communicate in ways they will understand easily.)
  7. Be a trusted guide (not a vending machine)

Remarkable ROI

When all is said and done, results are what matter to us. Period.

With everything we do, our goal is to minimize input and maximize output (ROI). In order to keep track of our input (or the time that we spend on tasks), we track our time. This helps us to remain hyper cognizant of where we are spending our time–and then seek areas for improvement.

Here’s what we do to make sure that we are actually delivering remarkable ROI day in and day out:

  1. Stay in the 20 of the 80/20 (and be on the lookout for opportunities to 10x)
  2. Spend each minute as intentionally as we would our own money
  3. Set and pursue clear objectives
  4. Careful management of both input and output
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel each time (instead, improve upon it)
  6. Continually remove waste and get value to market (Waste = anything that does not add value to the investor)
  7. Make data-driven decisions (in God we trust; all others bring data)

Remarkable Excellence

We’ve got a lot of pride when it comes to our work. And we will only publish content or eCommerce web designs that fit our (sky high) standards of excellence.

In order to ensure remarkable excellence, we’ve got a very thorough QA process that we follow before publishing or scheduling anything. We’re extremely detail-oriented, so you can leave it to us to catch that innocuous typo or extra space that other eyes might glaze over.

We also have a policy that everyone on the team is expected to abide by: be your own filter. In other words, whenever anyone on the team reviews something to be published, they should act as if they are the last person to review it (even if they are not).

Always Serving

In addition to always serving our investors, we aim to be always serving one another. Our team members are expected to treat each other just as they would an investor.

We all strive to be “servant leaders,” who won’t hesitate to jump in and assist another person on the team, even if the task doesn’t fall under our job description.

Always Growing

To us, complacency is a sin. Each member of our handpicked team values growth and must always be growing. Stagnation just isn’t an option.

One way that we make sure we are always growing is through Intentional Learning. Intentional Learning is where we each spend 10 hours a month learning something new that will help us to grow in our careers.  

Always Improving Process

In order to make things more efficient and reduce as much waste as possible, we are always trying to come up with new ways to improve our processes. To improve our way of doing things. This helps us ensure that we’re able to deliver on the three remarkables: remarkable investor experiences, remarkable ROI and remarkable excellence.

We Help Companies Make a Positive Impact

At eScale, we’re pretty choosy about who we work with. We only work with eCommerce businesses that are making a positive impact on society, in some shape or form. After all, in order for us to really give everything our all,  it’s important for us to believe in the work that we do.

We will also only work with eCommerce businesses with whom we see real potential to grow.

We Hire the Very Best Talent From Around the World

The nice thing about being a 100% remote agency is that we aren’t limited to hiring people within a certain mile radius. Instead, we’re able to hire the very best talent from around the globe. Our team members come from a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets, so each person brings a unique perspective and worldview to the team.

We’ve also found that our employees are happier given the opportunity to live and work from wherever they want, which in turn helps to increase our productivity.

But don’t worry: While our team may span various time zones and continents, we do have set hours that we are all in the office. And our dedicated Account Manager is always there from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time (Monday through Friday) to deal with any issues that may arise.

Things We Believe InThings We Don’t Believe In
Remote WorkMicromanaging
Coffee (or tea)Bad attitudes
GrowthBad web design
Decreasing shopping card abandonment ratesSloppiness
EmojisOverpriced airfare
Beautiful websitesUnnecessary waste
TravelPoor communication
Attention to detailTypos
High-quality relationshipsLow conversion rates
Experimentation (and failure)Bad books
ReadingLow ROI
Google HangoutsLaziness
ResultsLooking busy

Random Numbers

  • 30: The number of cups of coffee we have per week
  • 6: The number of different countries that we currently work (and live) in
  • 5: The number of languages that we all speak
  • 2+: The number of times that our team meets each day (excluding weekend of course)

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