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We won’t beat around the bush here: If content marketing isn’t a part of your marketing strategy, then your eCommerce store is missing out. Big time.


For starters, content marketing helps with your SEO, bringing more traffic to your store. But it doesn’t stop there. Content marketing also helps convert that traffic into leads and customers. The average conversion rate for businesses that don’t use content marketing is a measly .5%, compared to 2.9% for those that use it.


It works a little something like this: By providing your audience with value and showing a little brand personality, they feel more connected to you. They trust you more. And as a result, they also feel more inclined to buy from you.

The proof, yet again, is in the numbers. According to Demand Metric, 82% of consumers feel better about a brand after reading custom content. And 60% of people are inclined to go find a product after reading about it.

So…it’s no question that you need a content marketing strategy for your eCommerce store. But how about a strategy that actually generates results and sales for your business?  

We’ve got you covered on that.

eScale: An eCommerce Content Marketing Agency

Maybe you’re interested in starting a new content marketing strategy from scratch. Or perhaps you want to reignite your content marketing flame that seems to have lost its spark. Whatever the case, our eCommerce content marketing agency is here to help.

Our Services

Take a look at the services that we offer at our results-driven eCommerce content marketing agency:

Research & Strategy Creation

Before even thinking about creating content, you’ve got to do a bit of research and get a well-defined strategy in place. You have to find out who your buyer personas are and what type of strategy you will use to reach them.

At eScale, we start by performing extensive research to find out exactly who our target audience is. We then create detailed buyer personas that allow us formulate an effective and tailored content marketing strategy.

One of our mottos at eScale is “don’t be all things to all people.” In other words, we would much rather have a highly customized content marketing strategy that speaks to a small audience than a broad, more general strategy that speaks to a large audience.

Our strategy revolves not around selling products and services, but around providing value for our audience. We try to step inside the mind of the buyer personas we’re targeting and think about what type of content they would be interested in reading and how they might go about finding it.

Moreover, we’re big believers in the power of storytelling. With each eCommerce company that we work with, we try to create a story for the brand. In that story, the customer is the hero, the brand is the trusted guide (which content helps to establish), and the product is what helps the customer (or hero) to avoid failure.  

Sounds good to me…Please help me with my content strategy!

Content Creation

When it comes to content creation, we have one rule: quality over quantity.

We aren’t one of those agencies that churns out content. We would much rather publish one high-quality blog post per week than three so-so blog posts. We would prefer to spend 20 hours creating something really great than five hours creating something mediocre.

Whether it’s curated, repurposed or 100% original, each piece of content that we create is unique, intentional and thoughtful.

Curious? Check out some of the types of content that we create:


Consistent blogging is a must for eCommerce business that really want to grow. For one, it helps improve SEO.

Blogging is also a good way to share valuable information about your products and establish your brand as an authority figure in the industry.

Lastly (but certainly not least), it provides an opportunity for you to storytell, which, in turn, allows you to connect with your prospect buyers.

From product how-to’s and tutorials to helpful industry-related tips, we write blog posts that serve two primary purposes: improving SEO for the site and building trust with the audience.

Help me connect with my prospect buyers


Infographics are perfect for illustrating data or content that might be more easily absorbed visually.

If you sell yoga mats, for example, you could create an infographic that shows interesting facts about yoga or various yoga poses. Or if you sell stainless steel water bottles, you could create an infographic that tells (and shows) people about the unsustainability of disposable bottled water. 

Whatever the product or theme, our marketing and design teams work together to create simple, visually compelling infographics that people want to share.

Guides & eBooks

Guides and eBooks can be a great way to share more comprehensive content with your audience.

Because of that, and the fact that they generally require more work to create than the typical blog post, guides and eBooks tend to have a higher perceived value—which means that they make for excellent lead magnets.

eBooks and guides are most effective when consumed quickly; let’s just say that they aren’t supposed to take three days to read. But they are supposed to provide value and fulfill on a certain promise. And that’s exactly what our guides and eBooks do.

We create whitespace-happy, custom designed guides and eBooks that are easily consumable and value-rich in content.


Because they are more intimate, webinars allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. They are also a great opportunity to learn more about your target audience.

We help our clients put together thought-provoking, dynamic webinars that serve to educate, engage, and ultimately, better understand the target audience.

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Promotion & Distribution

There’s a lot of noise out there. And finding a way to make your content heard above all that noise isn’t easy. But with the right promotion and distribution strategy, it is possible.

We come up with a unique, personalized strategy to get content promoted and distributed. And we go way beyond just social media and email marketing.

Whether it’s through guest blogging, republishing content on another platform, or reaching out to authors who have linked to similar content, we find a way to get content noticed.

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No eCommerce content marketing strategy should ever be set in stone. It should be continuously analyzed and optimized.

At eScale, we don’t just throw content out there and call it a day. We are constantly analyzing the KPIs that we set at the beginning to find out what content is most effective and what the audience is most responsive to.

And let’s just set the record straight: page views and likes don’t mean anything to us. At the end of the day, we care about one thing and one thing only: results.

To that end, we care more about things like conversion rate (are lead magnets converting?) and the number of blog subscribers (do people like the content enough to sign up for more?). And most importantly (yup, you guessed it): sales.

When all is said and done, we do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients make significantly more in sales than they spend on content creation, promotion and distribution.

You won’t find another eCommerce content marketing agency that cares about results and growth more than we do. Guaranteed.

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