eCommerce SEO Services

Getting product pages to appear on the first page of Google is essential to eCommerce SEO success. One study found that only 4.8% of users bother to look at the second page of search results.

And the first page is important too. According to the same study, the first result on Google garners an average of 32.5% of traffic; the second result takes 17.6% of traffic and the sixth result gets less than 5% of traffic.

With that being said, an effective SEO strategy is paramount to ranking on the first page of Google–and generating website traffic. And here’s the thing: Google reportedly changes its search algorithm 500 to 600 times a year. So an SEO strategy that was effective last month–or even last week–is not necessarily effective today.

Effective SEO therefore requires continual upkeep and a willingness to regularly change strategy. The good news is that it generally pays off.

If you work with us, we’ll take care of all that upkeep for you. We’ll create and execute a winning, continually evolving SEO strategy for your eCommerce store that will get your store ranked on the very first page of Google and increase your website traffic.

Here are the eCommerce SEO services that we offer to make that happen:

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the basis for every SEO strategy. If you target the wrong keywords, you might end up with low quality leads and few conversions. And if you target keywords that are too popular, then you might end up with no leads (or traffic) at all!

We start by doing a thorough keyword analysis, looking at the target audience (and what they are searching for), as well as the competition. Using our top-notch software, we aim to find more specific, longer-tail keywords that have lower competition.

On-Page Optimization

Once we settle on the best keywords to target, we then work to improve page ranking for those keywords, focusing on things like page title, meta title, meta description and alt tags. We also optimize the formatting and images on the site, since those factors can impact SEO as well.

Thin content is also an issue with many eCommerce product pages and can make it difficult to rank highly. To combat that issue, we create long, comprehensive product descriptions that help improve SEO ranking and entice users to buy.

Technical Optimization

Technical SEO refers to the optimization of everything that’s not content related. It’s the not-so-obvious, yet equally important, side of SEO, like responsive web design and fast load speed.

We perform extensive site crawls to find any existing website issues; then we fix those issues so that bots can better understand the site and the site can rank higher. We help boost site indexability by helping to ensure that web pages that should be indexed are and web pages that should not be indexed (like duplicate pages) are not.


Link-building, which is the process of getting other websites to link back to your site, is a crucial component of SEO. It’s also one of the most challenging, especially for eCommerce companies.
But from discounts and giveaways to seasonal landing pages and user-generated content, there are numerous link-building techniques that eCommerce stores can use to their advantage. We start by creating valuable, relevant and shareable content, and then come up with personalized and powerful link-building strategies that help improve the SEO of eCommerce businesses.

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