Paid Ads Management

Paid advertising is, hands down, one of the most effective ways for eCommerce companies to increase short-term traffic. While it can be an incredibly potent tactic when executed correctly, when not done correctly, it can end up being a colossal waste of money.

Our Approach

Before starting any campaign, we have a fairly intensive interview process with our client to ensure that we fully understand their business and objectives. Once we develop a solid understanding of their business, target audience, and goals, we decide which platforms to advertise on.

No matter the platform, we set up a campaign that’s tailored exactly to the company we’re working with and their goals.

Then once the campaign is up and running, we run daily “health checks” to find out how the campaign is performing and what can be optimized. Yeah, I guess you could say we’re a bit obsessive…but that’s how we ensure success.

From there, we optimize. With every campaign we run, our goal is to minimize cost of customer acquisition (COCA) and increase average order value (AOV).

You might find that many other agencies seem to be primarily concerned with cost per click (CPC)…But not us. If we can generate a very high return on ad spend (ROAS), then at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter to us how much a click costs.

The KPIs that we track will ultimately depend on the eCommerce business and their goals, but generally, these are the KPIs that we’re most concerned with:

  • Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA)
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Our Services

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is when you display ads on a search engine (most often Google), and then pay each time a user clicks on your ad (cost per click or CPC) or each time your ad is displayed (cost per impression or CPM). CPC is more common and is generally the best tactic for sales, whereas CPM is favorable for raising brand awareness.

But paid search marketing is unfortunately not as simple as just posting ads in Google Ads and waiting for people to click through to your site. There are a number of things that determine ad visibility, cost per click and the number of clicks you ultimately get. In short, Google rewards businesses that have highly relevant, high quality, useful ads and landing pages by prioritizing the ad placement and charging less per click.

Whether it’s Google Ads or Yahoo Bing Network, we create, execute and monitor paid search campaigns that are tailored to the brand, focusing particularly on keyword relevance, quality score and landing page quality. We then use various conversion tracking methods, such as on-site form fills and call tracking, to find out how the campaign is performing. From there, we continually optimize, with our goal being to maximize ad visibility and return on ad spend.

We also stay up to date on changes, trends and announcements in the PPC space to ensure maximum visibility and clicks.

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Display Advertising

Display ads are visual banner ads that are displayed on websites. While search marketing is often best for increasing traffic and sales, display advertising is generally preferred for retargeting and raising brand awareness.

Since display ads are highly visual (and not text-based), it’s important to create ads that are attention-grabbing and visually appealing. We work with top-level graphic designers to create high-quality, on-brand images that entice users to click. We use retargeting to target former website visitors, like those who visited the store and abandoned their carts, or those who searched for keywords related to the brand.

And from there, as always, we test to find out which display ads perform best, and then optimize to ensure the maximum return on our client’s advertising dollars.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is one of the more expensive platforms to advertise on. The good news is that, for B2B eCommerce businesses targeting professionals and company decision-makers, it can also be highly effective.

From sponsored content to sponsored InMail, we create highly personalized LinkedIn ads that target individuals based on their company, job title, activity and groups, amongst other factors.

We first work to build organic audiences. After establishing a following, we promote content through blogs and other social media and then promote the content that performs well on LinkedIn. From there, we create multiple ads, test to see which ones perform best, and then invest more money in those high-performing ads, which ultimately allows us to increase conversions at a lower cost-per-click.

Our holistic, granular approach to LinkedIn advertising helps ensure that our clients attract highly qualified leads for the lowest possible spend.

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Facebook Advertising

According to Mark Zuckerberg, there are more people on Facebook today than there were alive 100 years ago. Facebook’s large and incredibly diverse user base makes it a very powerful advertising platform for eCommerce companies. But unlike Google, people don’t go on Facebook looking to buy. When creating Facebook ads, it’s therefore important to take into consideration buyer intent.

We create timely and relevant Facebook ads that take into account the user’s state of mind, strengthen relationships, and inspire users to make a purchase. We install conversion-tracking pixels to track user behavior and gain a better understanding of the target audience; from there, we’re able to build lookalike audiences to target the ads to. Finally, our retargeting campaigns help to bring users back to the store and remind them to take action.

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Instagram Advertising

Engagement on Instagram is, on average, eight times greater than other social media platforms. Instagram can therefore be a very effective advertising platform for eCommerce companies looking to increase engagement, as well as visibility and conversions.

Starting with audience targeting, we test Instagram ads organically before putting any money into them. Using a variety of techniques, like contests, user-generated content and influencer marketing, we develop a personalized strategy that builds engagement, increases brand awareness and boosts sales.

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